Partner with Telcoe for free.

Short on time? Print out this one page document explaining the benefits, products, and service we provide to our business partners and members. 

Have you considered offering a financial option to your employees? Telcoe Federal Credit Union would be the perfect option - our benefits are FREE to your employees!

Many companies and organizations choose to partner with a local credit union because it benefits the employees AND the company itself. Telcoe provides many products and services that help our members be financially healthy. This results in less stress and fewer problems entering the workplace, making your establishment more productive. Additionally, offering membership with a local credit union as part of your employee benefits package makes the company more appealing to potential employees. And most importantly, all Telcoe members have the comfort of knowing that their money is handled in Arkansas at a trusted financial institution.

When you become a partner with Telcoe, you will be provided a Business Development Representative who will help answer employer and employee questions. You can even have Telcoe representatives visit your location to answer any questions or comments your employees might have about Telcoe membership. Additionally, you’ll receive a monthly partner newsletter informing you of Telcoe’s latest deals. View our newsletter archive.

Here are a few products and services we offer all of our members. You can explore our website to discover the full range of what we offer.

  • Payroll deduction for simplified saving
  • Low auto and home loan rates
  • Savings accounts that pay competitive interest and dividends
  • Checking accounts
  • Free access to Accel, a financial counseling service
  • Competitive CD rates
  • Club accounts (for vacation, Christmas, or whatever you’d like!)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts and Health Savings Accounts
  • As an employer, you can choose to contribute to your employee’s IRA or HSA as an added employee benefit

We encourage you to explore the possibility of credit union membership for your company. Because credit union membership is a no-cost benefit, many companies are using credit union membership to recruit and retain valuable members and employees.

To qualify for partnership, your business or organization must be located in Arkansas and employ ten or more people.

If you are interested in offering Telcoe as part of your employee benefits package, please apply below. If you have further questions, please email [email protected] or call us at 501-375-5321!