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Financial Wellness Resources

Invest in yourself with financial education. We make it easy. How do you feel about your financial health? No matter your answer, Telcoe offers solutions to help. Membership is available to you. We look forward to meeting you in person, over the phone, or online.

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Strategies to help you get from here to there.


Resources to help you plan for a comfortable retirement, grow your nest egg, and more.

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Schedule a free financial consultation, set savings goals, and select a deposit account. 

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Engage in convenient and easy-to-use financial tools that help you manage your everyday spending.

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Explore products, resources, and strategies to obtain the lowest interest rates to stay on budget. Borrow Better >

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Understanding Your Credit Score

Your financial wellness is important to us, and understanding your credit score helps you improve it. A credit score predicts how likely you are to repay a loan on time, based on information gathered on your credit reports.

There are 3 credit bureaus in the United States. You can obtain a FREE copy of your three bureaus once a year by visiting  The bureaus use the information below to derive your credit score. Every lender receives a similar but different credit score and the score a consumer sees on Credit Karma, your credit card statement, etc. will normally be higher than the score a lender receives. This can be confusing to consumers when the scores are not the same. 

Your loan approval and the interest rate you receive are based on your credit score. This is known as risk-based pricing.  Learn more-HERE

  • Bill payment history                                   
  • Unpaid debt balances
  • Number and type of loan accounts open
  • Age of loan accounts open
  • Amount of available credit card lines not used               


Student Loan Debt

If you are unsure of your next steps, contact GreenPath Financial Wellness to speak with a financial counselor. Telcoe members are able to contact Greenpath till 9 PM or even on Saturday for many types of financial coaching from a compassionate financial expert.

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High-Rate Credit Card Debt

The average credit card rate is currently over 20% APR.  If you are feeling financial stress and ready to cut up the cards and find a way to pay off the debt at a much lower rate, Telcoe and our partner Greenpath can help. Give us a call to talk through the options that can save you thousands of dollars, and allow you to sleep better.


Financial Wellness is Right at Your Fingertips


GreenPath Partnership

Telcoe members can contact Greenpath as last as 9 PM or even Saturday to obtain financial coaching, credit report review, etc.



Establish a Credit History

Build the credit history you have always wanted. Telcoe is your financial partner for life.



Lower Your Rates 

Save money by moving your current loans to Telcoe at a lower rate and repay through payroll deduction.  Get a savings quote.

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Tony helped me obtain an Auto loan from Telcoe recently, it was such a refreshingly easy experience!! will recommend Telcoe to anyone for anything! The Human touch is not lost over there!

Angie W., Little Rock, AR

Financial Wellness FAQs


850 is the highest possible credit score. Achieving a score of 700+ should allow you to receive premium rates and pricing for home/auto insurance, etc.  Greenpath offers a webinar on this topic -HERE

You are not alone.  If you are not actively putting money in a savings account each payday lets start there. We can open a Christmas Club savings account for free. You an start with just $1 per payday if your budget is tight. This small step is monumental in helping prioritize your money priorities.  If you would like to talk through all options or meet in person please do reach out at 501-375-5321.

Telcoe offers certificates of deposit with terms of 6 months to 5 years. Visit to see the special terms and rates currently being offered.  Telcoe also offers a Money market account for savers with at least $2500. This is a great account that allows you to add to it and make withdrawals (3 or fewer per month are FREE). It also pays an above-average dividend.


You can get auto refinancing for new and used cars or motorcycles that are 2018 or newer with fewer than 80,000 miles. It is worth sending the Vin#, mileage, payoff amount, rate now, payment now, and your estimated credit score to our Loan Professionals for a free savings quote.

Great question. Give our Telcoe Specialist a call. We can help review your current credit report and then offer you a Credit Builder Loan, a Secured MasterCard, and possibly additional services. Each individual's credit journey is unique so give us a call so we can help you meet your financial goals.

Absolutely. Since 1950, we have been meeting our members in person and sitting down and spending time listening to your journey. We look forward to meeting you very soon. You will earn more on your savings, pay less on your loans, and have a financial partner for life with Telcoe.

Yes. We can sit down, review your finances and help you find a plan to meet your financial goals. It can be scary and we have helped many members to overcome financial obstacles. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. You can also use the budget worksheet to help prepare to meet in person.

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