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I just want to say thank you for the way you run your business.  We have had 3 loans with you now (2 RVs and a car loan), and there has never been a time when I have spoken with your employees that there was anything other than genuine respect and in my best interest as a customer.

I recently paid off our RV loan, but forgot to stop the automatic debit from my bank checking account.  I called just now to ask what could be done, and the gentleman said that it was put in my savings account.  Since I don’t have any checks or a debit card (I probably need to get both of those), he said that they could mail a check, or that I could go to one of the branches to withdraw if I needed to.  I asked if he could just mail the check, and he said he would put a check in the mail this afternoon.  No drama, no procrastination, nothing but great service.  You would think that would be the case with any financial institution, but let me just say it is not.

We also recently transferred money from my mom’s checking account to Telcoe and you were more than happy to help get that done.

I just wanted to tell you that we appreciate the attitude of Telcoe, and we will always come to you when we have a financial need.  Thank you for the stellar way in which you run your company.

I love my credit union. I have been a member for 20 plus years and have always had great service. Holly in mortgage loans is so awesome!

Little Rock, AR – Member Since 1995

Thank you for your prompt service. You always take care of me. That’s why when the auto dealer tried to talk me into their financing I just said no thank you. He said even I could save you money? No thank you, the credit union has always stood by me. Thanks Stacy.

Lowell, AR – Member Since 1998

I really appreciate how quickly and kindly you have done things for us. Great experience.

Mountain Home, AR – Member Since 2016

I wanted to take time to let you know how fantastic I think your Credit Union is! I have never received better service than I have over the past month. Your Credit Union is highly efficient and your Employees display incredible Member service!

I recently got an automobile loan through your organization and I am extremely pleased with the professional service I received from Tony Birk. I am currently banking at Arvest and they are about to lose all of my business because I am moving it all over to Telcoe. Please take time to share this with your staff as they are all very friendly and very professional whenever I walk into your lobby. I currently work at FIS Global (formally Alltel Information Services) and I am going to spread the word about your Credit Union and let people know that this is where they need to conduct their business. I hope you all have a great day and thank you again for all you do.

North Little Rock, AR – Member Since 2015

I want to inform you of the EXCELLENT customer service and assistance I received from Mr. Tony Birk. I recently purchased a car and was going to finance it through the dealership. I then decided to go through Telcoe. Long story, the dealership made it very difficult to get this transfer accomplished. I made several phone calls trying to get this taken care of to no avail. I told Mr. Birk about my efforts and he offered to help. I kept waiting for the dealership to send me a check, which did not happen. Mr. Birk realized I was getting the "run around" and took the initiative to get the funds I was owed. He spent over one hour on the phone trying to get this resolved. He was able to get the money I was owed within just a few days after his intervention. I had been trying to get this money since mid-November. I am so impressed Mr. Birk took the initiative to get this problem taken care of. I very much appreciate his assistance and wanted you to be aware of his excellent customer service.

Horseshoe Bend, AR – Member Since 2010