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Overdraft Protection

There are a variety of ways to prevent overdrafts if there are not sufficient funds in your checking account. 

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Telcoe offers an overdraft transfer program which links your checking account to your savings. Funds are automatically transferred from your savings account to cover your checks and electronic payments when you don't have the necessary available balance in your checking account.

To use Overdraft Transfer, your linked savings account must have sufficient available funds to cover the overdraft balance. The fee for a one-time overdraft transfer is less than an NSF fee. You are allowed up to six overdraft transfers per month.

Use these tools to monitor your accounts and avoid fees:

  • Set Alerts in Digital Banking to let you know if your account reaches a certain high or low balance or if transactions over a certain amount take place. 
  • Use the free Telcoe Federal Mobile Banking App to quickly and easily check your balances.
  • Record all your automated transactions, bill payments, online banking transfers, checks, debit card transactions, ATM withdrawals and other payments. Ask for a check register at any branch.


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