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Telcoe Academy of Business & Service

Students attending Maumelle High School have the opportunity to learn more about banking and financial services. 

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Financial Education

Telcoe Federal Credit Union is an active partner with Maumelle High School. At the teacher's request, Telcoe staff are in the classroom to share information about careers in banking, financial literacy, credit, etc. 

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Maumelle High School

Banking Careers

Beginning in ninth grade, students at Maumelle Middle School are exposed to the available career pathways. Students who elect the Telcoe Academy of Business & Service will learn about cash handling, customer service, managing a bank account, direct deposit, saving money for an emergency, loan applications, lending standards, marketing/advertising, and information technology in banking.  They are exposed to careers that both require college and those that do not. 


Banking Careers

Telcoe Federal Credit Union migrated to Symitar EASE in 2022 as our core computer system. This allowed Telcoe to focus on our core competencies as well as consider a student-run branch with Maumelle High School. The planning began in early 2023 to partner with Maumelle High School.  Selected students will begin working during the Summer in Telcoe branches and during the school year, they will work in the Telcoe school branch. Telcoe employees work alongside teachers, helping students make deposits, withdrawals, and opening memberships. This was a much easier endeavor as a Symitar Ease Credit Union. Staff can easily balance and the credit union can provide hands-on learning opportunities. Both the NCUA and CFPB have encouraged financial institutions to help their communities improve their understanding of financial concepts and apply them to real-life financial situations. The school branch opens its doors Fall 2024.

Hornet Student Branch 

Students can apply for a Summer job with Telcoe Federal Credit Union. If hired, they will work with our staff learning the job skills needed to become a Teller/Customer Service Specialist.  Students who complete a successful Summer employment path will be able to also work in the STUDENT RAN-HORNET BRANCH of Telcoe Federal Credit Union. The Hornet Branch of Telcoe will be opened on the 2nd floor next to room 211 and open during lunch hours 1 or 2 days a week. They will be able to open savings and checking accounts, and make deposits and withdrawals for both students and staff of PCSSD.  Students work with their teacher and a Telcoe staff member, learning security, balancing, and much more.



Academies of Central Arkansas

The Academies of Central Arkansas empower students to be active participants in their future by providing students with real-world learning experiences that directly relate to their post-secondary aspirations. Students have the opportunity to attend a field trip at Telcoe Federal Credit Union, learn from Telcoe staff, and gain a solid foundation for their financial future.  It is important to Telcoe that we share positive habits with students to create an Emergency Savings Account, identify predatory interest rates and lenders, and keep more of their hard-earned money.  Financial education is the key and doing so with practical applications can help improve the financial health of students at Maumelle High School. 


Academies of Central Arkansas-Learn more.




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