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Create Your Club Savings Account

Save for a vacation, wedding, or any other goal you have in mind!

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Benefits of a Club Savings Account From Telcoe FCU

More Details About Our Club Savings Account

Our Club Savings Accounts empower members to take control of their financial journeys. Customize an account around your short or long-term goals. Give yourself the gift of financial freedom by saving on your own terms.

Why choose our Club Savings Account?

  • Enjoy free eStatements and free digital banking for easy account management.
  • Earn competitive dividends on your entire balance, paid quarterly.
  • No monthly fee, minimum balance, or minimum deposit to open.
  • Take advantage of the automatic payroll deduction option to make saving even easier.
  • Need to change your savings amount? No problem! You can do so anytime.

Take ownership of your financial future—open a Club Savings Account to grow your personal savings on a steady basis!

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After creating a Club Savings Account to pay for their wedding, a young couple celebrates on their big day.

All deposit rates are variable and subject to change at any time.

Opening a Club Savings Account Is as Easy as 1-2-3!


"Absolutely love Telcoe Credit Union.  They always offer great financial solutions and they treat all of their members like family. I would highly recommend Telcoe to anyone who wants a financial institution where you can make more on your money!"

– Lisa H., Little Rock, Arkansas

FAQs About Club Savings Accounts

Club Savings Accounts help you save for specific goals and provide flexible withdrawal options. In contrast, regular savings accounts do not have customized features for planned savings and may charge fees for early withdrawals.

Yes, credit unions allow you to open multiple club savings accounts—each one customized for your saving goal. However, you’re not restricted to using the money only for the original intended goal. For example, you could use your “Wedding Club” savings account to pay for a car down payment—or anything else for that matter!

You can make withdrawals twice a year from a vacation club and once a year(after October 1st) for the Christmas club. There is no fee for a third withdrawal, but we reserve the right to close the account at our discretion should you do so.

Our Club Savings Accounts feature competitive rates designed to motivate specific goal saving. They’re often higher than you’d get with a traditional savings account. If you your balance goes above $1000, consider a certificate of deposit for a higher rate of return. If your balance goes above $2500, consider the money market savings account for a higher rate of return.

Yes, you can change the specific goal attached to a Club Savings Account anytime because we want these accounts to evolve with your financial needs. Our members appreciate the flexibility to alter their saving objectives as priorities shift.

Why should I join Telcoe Federal Credit Union?

When you join our credit union, you will save money by having access to higher savings rates and lower loan rates than many other financial institutions offer. We also provide free financial coaching and close personal assistance to help you reach your financial goals.

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