Beyond our suite of online services, we still offer a number of other member benefits. For more information about one of these products or services, please give us a call or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Telcoe offers qualifying members the opportunity to skip one loan payment for qualifying loans. Auto, signature, RV, Boat, and Mortorcycle loans qualify for our Skip a pay program.

Wouldn't you like to skip one of your payments and use that money for something elses? Luckily you can! Our Skip A Payment program allows you to defer one of your monthly payments and use that cash to take a vacation, buy school supplies, take care of an emergency, or anything else you want.

By skipping a payment, you are adding it to the end of the loan which could extend your term or maturity. Keep in mind it will still be accruing daily interest and the determined rate, and if you next payment does not cover the interest accrued, it will be taken out of each payment until satisfied. Skipped payments are processed for a period of one month at a time. (Ex: two biweekly, two semi-monthly, or four weekly)

A Skip A Payment processing fee is collected. The fee cannot be added onto the loan, funds must come from an existing Telcoe account, cash, or check. Contact our Loan Department for more details and any questions at 501-375-5321.

Notary Services

A Notary Public is a state-licensed legal witness to the signing of documents. A Notary Public acknowledges the signing of a document with his or her own signature and notary seal. Telcoe Federal Credit Union offers notary services at all locations Monday through Friday. Please contact us prior to coming into the branch so we can ensure that a notary will be available to assist you.

Prepaid Travel Visa

Our Prepaid Travel Visa® allows you to go on vacation or make purchases online without worrying about someone obtaining your credit union account information. You have the ability to load funds onto the card by contacting Telcoe Federal during normal business hours or online at Map Prepaids using a Telcoe Federal Debit Card. The prepaid visa also works internationally. If we have advance notice, we can even order a card with your name on it. Telcoe Federal does not keep record of your card balance. To obtain that information, please visit MAP Prepaids.

Safe Deposit Boxes

There is no better way to safeguard your personal treasures than a Telcoe Federal Credit Union safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are specifically designed for the protection of high-value assets, like:

  • Legal documents
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Loan documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Jewelry
  • Heirlooms
  • And more!

Maintain your peace of mind for an affordable price. Safe deposit boxes are offered in a variety of sizes and are available at Telcoe Federal Credit Union's Main and Midtown branches. Please contact us for availability.

Savings Bond Redemption

Telcoe Federal redeems paper U.S. Savings Bonds. All bonds redeemed must be eligible for payment, which is at least twelve months after the issue date. For more information about this valuable service, please contact our Member Services department. 

Visit Treasury Direct to see what your Savings Bonds are worth today.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are a great way to send money quickly when the need arises. Telcoe Federal Credit Union offers bank to bank or Western Union wires.

Please contact us for information on applicable fees and paperwork requirements. 

Direct Deposit

Build your balance — automatically. Have all or part of your check deposited to your account balance every month. Contact us to speak with a helpful representative and add this convenience today.

Teller Services

  • Cashier's checks