Skimmers at the Pump

Summer break has many of us traveling in, out, and around the state for vacation or day trips to one of Arkansas’ many lakes. In order to get to around, we spend a lot of time at the gas station filling up our vehicle for the trip. Gas stations are exceptionally busy this time of year, and that means thieves are at work to get your card information.

A skimmer is a magnetic device that attaches to the outside of a gas pump or ATM that allows the thief to obtain your card information. All the thief has to do is come back to the terminal and pick up the skimmer containing a file of all the stolen card information. Then cloned cards can be created to steal your money.

Even with an EMV chip card, this can still happen. Since most gas terminals are not EMV enabled, your card still uses the magnetic strip data.

The Federal Trade Commission published a scam alert June 22, 2017 on how to avoid being a victim of skimmers. You can read the full article here.

Inspect BEFORE you pump!

  • Look at the gas pump before you insert your card. If the panel has been opened, the label will show void.
  • Look at the card reader and even wiggle it before putting your card in. If it moves, report it to the attendant immediately and use a different pump.

Telcoe urges all members to closely monitor all financial accounts and be observant and aware of anywhere you insert your card.

On June 22, 2017, the FTC posted a Scam Alert regarding skimmers of gas pumps.