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Quick Cash Holiday Loan

The holidays will be easy as pie this year since you are PREAPPROVED for a Telcoe Quick Cash Holiday Loan. 

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$1000 Holiday Loan

  • 13.75% Annual Percentage Rate
  • $25 up front application fee
  • 1 year repayment at $21 weekly, $46 semi monthly, or $92 monthly
  • No credit check is needed.
  • Easy request form & e-signing
  • Quick processing
  • Great interest rate
  • Simple repayment from payroll deduction

It is easier than ever to pay for Christmas expenses this year. Introducing the Telcoe QUICK CASH holiday loan. 

Questions? Call our office at 501-375-5321.

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Borrow $1,000 and repay over one year at a great rate of 13.75% APR*.

  • Current Telcoe Members in good standing
  • Direct deposit to your Telcoe account prior to loan funding(employer deposit)
  • Annual income year to date of $23,400 or more as of Oct 1 2021
  • 12 months continuous employment
  •  $25 processing fee at time of request
  • Paystub is required to be uploaded to the request form
  • If you are currently in an active bankruptcy we are unable to extend the QUICK CASH holiday loan. 

Simply fill out the request form and upload your paystub,  all online. We offer faster processing and an easier loan process by completing our online request form. 

This offer is good through December 15th, 2021.


 Compared to a high rate credit card, the QUICK CASH holiday loan will save you money and help your budget stay on track. Telcoe's QUICK CASH holiday loan is an installment loan you pay back in fixed payments every month.  By keeping your revolving credit card limits lower and utilizing Telcoe's QUICK CASH holiday loan this year you are keeping your utilization rate optimal.

Payment Protection is available on your new QUICK CASH HOLIDAY LOAN. Single LIFE, DISABILITY, & Involuntary Unemployment Protection is available for just $19.18 over the life of the loan. You will be asked after your new loan is funded in email if you would like to include this coverage.


Need more than $1,000?  We offer many loan options. Please contact us to see a comparison of all loan options.

Want to explore lower loan rate options?  We do offer many loan rate options. If you want to see other rate options based on your Trans Union credit score please do contact us to see a comparison of all loan options.

Want to raise your credit score? We offer ways, rebuild your credit, and offer a FREE credit report review. We partner with   which offers many ways to improve your financial health. If you have high rate credit card debt, contact us today. We can help save you money. 


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The borrower understands that a copy of this loan disclosure and security agreement including an itemization of the amount financed will be sent to them when funds are disbursed. For value received, Borrower promises to pay to the order of lender the principal amount (consisting of the above Amount Financed) of the above loan, with interest at a rate per annum equal to the Annual Percentage rate shown above on the balance of such principal amount from time to time remaining unpaid. Such payments shall be made in the installments provided for in the above Payment Schedule, and if the Borrower shall fail to pay any installment in full on or before the due date of such installment, the Lender at its option, may declare this loan to the immediately due and payable. Borrower at that time agrees to pay the total unpaid balance as well as any additional interest on the principal amount of such installment, at the rate of the interest specified above, from such due date until such principal amount is paid in full, where permitted by law. Borrower also agrees to reimburse Lender promptly for (a) all costs and expenses, including collection costs, reasonable attorney’s fees and legal expenses incurred by Lender in endeavoring to collect or enforce any of the liabilities or to realize upon any of the Collateral and (b) all expenses incurred by Lender in performing any agreement of Borrower herein which Borrower shall fail to perform or in taking any other action which lender deems necessary for the maintenance or preservation of any Collateral or Lender’s interest therein. Borrower shall have the right to prepay the principal of the loan without penalty in full or in part at anytime provided the borrower shall pay all interest then accrued on the loan. Borrower authorizes Lender to receive information from others about Borrower’s credit history or employment. Borrower also authorizes Lender to release to others information regarding Borrower’s credit and account(s) experience with Lender.


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